The annual shjSEEN Award, which recognizes outstanding business achievement, is the most exclusive business awards program in the emirate of Sharjah. The five awards that will be presented are:

  • Sharjah TOP 10 BUSINESSES Award for medium or large enterprise
  • Sharjah UAE STARTUPS Award
  • Sharjah ENTREPRENEUR Award (Sharjah, Eastern area, and Central area Only)
  • Sharjah GREEN Award


The shjSEEN Award applications will open in April 2016. For inquiries, please contact us by clicking here.


The Sharjah Top 10 Businesses Award

About the Award

For the past 26 years, we at the Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry have brought together business organizations striving for sustainable excellence. Through our network of small and medium private enterprises from every commercial sector in Sharjah, we have shared know-how and proven business strategies to help organizations implement sound business practices. We have also recognized the achievements of Sharjah enterprises through the old award.

In 2016, the Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry presents a new award, the Sharjah Top 10 Businesses Award, which is a not-for-profit, business excellence award committed to helping private sector organizations in Sharjah drive performance improvement. The Sharjah Top 10 Businesses Award draws on the Excellence Model of the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) a comprehensive management framework used by over 30,000 organizations across the world. To help organizations implement the EFQM Excellence Model, we at shjSEEN provide training and assessment tools developed by experts and professional assessors for all levels of organizational maturity. We also gather information about corporate best practices and communicate this information through our network. We at shjSEEN aim to share what works, through case studies, online webinars, working groups, on-site assessments, conferences and thematic events.

About the EFQM Excellence Model

The renowned EFQM Excellence Model is a non-prescriptive framework for building a holistic overview of any organization, regardless of size, sector or maturity. Over the past 20 years, the EFQM Excellence Model has been a blueprint for EFQM members and organizations across and beyond Europe to develop a culture of excellence, access good practices, drive innovation and improve results.

Organizations using the EFQM Excellence Model have become more attentive to the needs of their stakeholders. They have learned how to learn, innovate and improve their overall performance. Their leaders have increased their abilities to take informed decisions and understand the drivers of their strategy. Many organizations benefitting from the EFQM framework have acted as role models for other organizations. Award-winning management practices have been re-used and adapted through EFQM ‘sharing what works’. This has led to a significant reduction of waste, increased economic efficiency and improved societal relations.

Sharjah Top 10 Business Categories

  • Manufacturing sector
  • Trade and Repairing Services sector
  • Real Estate and Business Services sector
  • Tourism and Hospitality sector
  • Construction sector
  • Financial Services sector
  • Transportation and Logistics sector
  • Education sector
  • Health Care sector
  • Digital Services sector

Participation Fees:

  • 15,000 AED


The Sharjah UAE Startups Award

About the Award

Sharjah UAE Startups Award is targeting innovative entrepreneurial ventures and newly emerged, fast-growing, private sector organizations in the United Arab Emirates. The Sharjah UAE Startups Award has no restrictions regarding registration as it offers eligibility of participation to all nationalities and all private sector organizations to take part in the Award. The first place winner in Sharjah UAE Startups Award will receive a cash prize of a 100,000 AED. The assessment criteria for the Award is as follow:

  • Innovation
  • Measurable Success

The Sharjah Entrepreneur Award

About the Award

The Sharjah Entrepreneur Award is targeting and discovering the most successful entrepreneurs in Sharjah who have made a significant and a noticeable difference in their lives and benefited their society. The Sharjah Entrepreneur Award is specific to private sector Entrepreneurs in Sharjah, Eastern area and Central area as one winner will be selected from each area. The Sharjah Entrepreneur Award winners will receive a cash prize worth of a 50,000 AED each. The assessment criteria for the Award is as follow:

  1. Professionalism
  2. Leadership
  3. Measurable Success (what has been done to benefit society)

The Sharjah Entrepreneur Award Categories:

  • Sharjah Entrepreneur Award — Sharjah city.
  • Sharjah Entrepreneur Award – Eastern area
  • Sharjah Entrepreneur Award – Central area.


The Sharjah Green Award

About the Award

Sharjah Green Award is aiming to reward organizations from all sectors in Sharjah “Public & Private” who are applying the best environmental practice in all aspects to improve processes and deliver an environmentally improved products or services in Sharjah. The award is recognizing innovative organization’s projects that push the boundaries in an effort waste emission and enhance sustainability. The award has different assessment criteria:

  • Recycling, waste and gas release minimization
  • Use of “green” suppliers or materials
  • Energy and/or water efficiency
  • Training, safety, diversity, health and engagement of staff.
  • Achievements


The Sharjah Social Responsibility Award

About the Award

The Sharjah Social Responsibility Award, restricted to Sharjah, will be targeted to recognize organizations in all sectors “Public & Private” paying attention to the importance of improving their Corporate Social Responsibility performance since it is an opportunity to promote their activities, enhance their reputation, efficiency, productivity and success as leaders in achieving sustainability and to celebrate the important contributions that social responsibility practices make to our economy and society. The Sharjah Social Responsibility Award divides into different assessment criteria:

  • Community: Engagement in awareness campaigns and push participation in all different aspects.
  • Charity: Engagement with local charity and offer support through a variety of collaborative means.
  • Volunteering: Business giving back to local community by engaging in meaningful activities and enriching community.
  • Workplace: Supportive work environment to develop full potential and opportunities (ex. sports initiatives, flexi-hours, health support).
  • Youth Employment in any sector: Engagement in work force to develop experience and create a wide range of opportunities.